What has Rick Perry done for Texas?

You know, when you think about lightning, you just think of the strike. I tend to forget that the lightning is always a path of potential. Each atom in the air has its electrons that are just moving in their paths with the potential moving through them. The strike doesn't happen until the potential is greater than the resistance, and then it's instantaneous. Each electron jumps to the next atom on the path and all that's left is the rolling thunder.

Rick Perry in 2006 won by plurality. He didn't have a majority of the voters behind him. Strayhorn, and Friedman and Bell had more votes put together. So who knows how many Republicans and Democrats went Independent, but probably enough of them will stay on base for this election.

I think voting should be like praying. Done in private. Those that announce their vote and dance around have already received their reward, though it's beyond me what reward they get. Personally I'm a Libratarian, I feel that before you say something, you should go to the library and get a good book. But I have been hearing some sense lately from the candidates. Perry put out a statement to the effect of, "I've never been pro-secession." John Cornyn chided in with, "There are more important problems." Mocking aside those are both good things to hear. All I've heard the Democrats do is call the Governor hirsute.

Constitutionally, Texas can divide into five parts. I don't know who gets to vote to make this happen, but think of the power the Trans-Texas region would have with 10 senators. Actually I don't think the five states that were formerly Texas would get along. Some rivalry would come up. On a certain level I think people that vote just don't think. That's what a parties are for, aren't they. Parties decide the platform and the people say, "Ok you're the leader." Well I must admit that this lack of thinking has gone to the top. I mean really, the weather has become a point of contention. We know Texas weather, it's unpredictable. And we're using it to divide the country. We don't elect weathermen, so why should we let politicos weigh in on precipitation? Several centuries ago there was a little ice age. In London the Thames froze and they had frost fairs on it. That's like us playing ice hockey on Lake Whitney. Weather happens, there's no use getting upset about it or especially voting on it.

Rick Perry did pardon a man who had received a life sentence in prison for smoking marijuana. I'm not pro pot, I think that it should be illegal and people should have to attend a rehabilitation program if they smoke, but a life sentence? Even if it's breaking one's probation that's a bit excessive. So kudos to our Governor. Though instead of voting for him on Tuesday, I think I'll go pray in private and read a good book.