You never know what's around a corner on the Hill County Survey. Posted by Picasa
This is the JC White Permit.

New pad going in just south of Segars. This photo was taken from FM67 looking NW. Posted by Picasa
Hill County Courthouse Posted by Picasa
One fortysix Posted by Picasa
Rare Hill County Buffadillo. Posted by Picasa
George Land Unit Posted by Picasa
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This cat is next to the Gatlin rig, digging a tank. Posted by Picasa
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This is just over the County Line but close enough. Posted by Picasa
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George Land Unit Posted by Picasa
When will they be finished with Johnson West Posted by Picasa


This was another cold Hill County Day a few years ago. We feed our dogs out the front door and the black birds thought they would help themselves. It was ok, they gave us this wonderful picture. Posted by Picasa
Hill County Cold!! Posted by Picasa


Shiloh Church, Hill County Texas Posted by Picasa
What is the purpose of the long cattle guard at the well site??? There is no fence at this location.

Ben B. Said,"It's for the long legged cattle found in Hill Co! Not really. This device vibrates mud and sediment from vehicle tires before leaving the site. It is a requirement of the TPDES Construction General Permit that is enforced by TCEQ" Posted by Picasa
They are not all in Washington, we have a few of the spotted varity in Hill County! Posted by Picasa


Segars Posted by Picasa
Segars' rig in the distance. Posted by Picasa
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I found this cemetery today. I have lived in Hill County for the past 38 years and this was a first for me. I guess I need to get out a little more. Posted by Picasa