What ever the problem was, looks like they got it fixed now on the Pipes Unit. Posted by Picasa
Jerry, you will be seeing a gas well out there before you know it! Posted by Picasa
Taking down the Ellison Unit north of Covington. Posted by Picasa
Moving dirt just south of the Johnson East Unit. Posted by Picasa
Gatlin south in the foreground Mastin south in background! Posted by Picasa


Does anyone know what has happened here? Pipes Unit outside of Blum. Posted by Picasa
Boys with toys! Posted by Picasa
Veal anyone? Posted by Picasa
Derden in the distance. Posted by Picasa
Tidying up after the driller. Posted by Picasa
Boy, would I love a load of those rock!!!!!!! If you have any extra let me know. Posted by Picasa
Men working on pipeline on CR 4114 Posted by Picasa
Need a lift? Posted by Picasa
Working on the run to finish the pipeline Posted by Picasa
Pipeline welder has got it made in the shade! Posted by Picasa
Back to work at the Winterman permit. Posted by Picasa
Pipeline along SH171 going to the Johnson centeral site Posted by Picasa
Nothing left but the memory and the mud at the Hook's pad. Posted by Picasa
Fort Smith site Posted by Picasa
Susie got some water in her tank! Posted by Picasa
I think they may be having issues at the Pipes site! Posted by Picasa
 Posted by Picasa
This would be a hand full from sunup to sundown! Posted by Picasa
Hill County Birdie!! Posted by Picasa


Solar and wind generator to run the meter and send the signal on down the line. Posted by Picasa