Reagan Unit Posted by Picasa
Reagan Unit Rigging Posted by Picasa


Boyd Unit Posted by Picasa
Johnson Central Unit Posted by Picasa
Jayne, That's my place there in the background! Posted by Picasa
Altaras Unit Posted by Picasa
This pipeline is crossing the Reagan Unit Posted by Picasa
Reagan Unit 1H Posted by Picasa
VAN ES Unit 1H Posted by Picasa
MHB Unit 1H Posted by Picasa


Pipes, fittings, joints, steel, iron, copper, tubing, drill, driller, derricks, pumps, compressors, the oil and gas industry brings a lot to the table in Hill County. Posted by Picasa
Cloudy day in the county seat. Posted by Picasa
Lovely downtown Woodbury. Posted by Picasa
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Trace Seismic has built a pad for their equipment just south of FM934 west of Blanton. Posted by Picasa
Pipeline heading west across SH171 Posted by Picasa
"Tanks for the gas" Ross Lease Posted by Picasa
The pipeline Posted by Picasa
They are digging a pipeline from the compression station crossing SH171 and heading west into the distance. Posted by Picasa
Thompson Lease up close. Posted by Picasa
Chiefs Compressions Stations by the Thompson Unit. Posted by Picasa
They were drilling today in the rain at the Hooks Lease Posted by Picasa
I am about to go get wet, and I am glad too. This is my first Hill County Survey in pouring rain and I think it is a treat. I am sure the pictures won't be up to standards but the rain is great.



Thank you, that will help with gasoline.




Hooks Unit Posted by Picasa