Reworking the gas pipeline just north of the rig. Posted by Picasa

The men are working hard to put the rig back in action. Posted by Picasa

Good news for Jayne. The derrick should be back up very soon. Posted by Picasa

The have this drilling rig on the Primeula Pad. Posted by Picasa

The Hooks Pad is growing up in weeds. Posted by Picasa


 Posted by Picasa

I bet this is costing a bundle. Posted by Picasa

This is the pits! Posted by Picasa

The derrick is gone but the motor is running. I guess that have to keep it turning so everthing does'nt freeze up. Posted by Picasa

New pad in Hill County on CR 4109 about a mile East of SH171. Posted by Picasa


They must have been lifting too much weight. Posted by Picasa

I hope no one got hurt. Posted by Picasa

The men in the bucket look small. Posted by Picasa

See the bent metal Posted by Picasa