Rig 450 Posted by Picasa

New this week just west of SH171 north of Covington. Posted by Picasa

New pad just east of HCR 1425. Just south of Johnson Co Posted by Picasa

Hill county rig just off SH171 and HCR 1413 Posted by Picasa


Looking north from the Altaras #1 the pipeline is in the ground.
 Posted by Picasa

The derrick is removed a bulldozer you see in the background is working on the pit. The pipeline is buried just north of this picture. Posted by Picasa

The rig is gone. Posted by Picasa


The generators are running twenty-four seven, to provide the electricity for the pumps.  Posted by Picasa

There are two water wells that they have drilled on the Hooks place. They are using them to fill up the pond they dug. Posted by Picasa

This is a water well dug on the Hooks permit. Posted by Picasa


Primeula ready to get started. Posted by Picasa

north of derrick Posted by Picasa

148 Posted by Picasa

 Posted by Picasa

Got it up and pipeline started Posted by Picasa