They left out the computer, pda, and mp3 player. Posted by Picasa


Blue sky over the Old County Jail. Posted by Picasa
View of the Courthouse from the jail. Posted by Picasa
The eagle has landed. Posted by Picasa
The old county jail. Posted by Picasa
Arithmetic Posted by Picasa
Reading and Writing Posted by Picasa
Mountain Springs, the old swimming hole. Posted by Picasa
The pool. Posted by Picasa


I'm King of the World! Posted by Picasa
Boy, I am glad it's Sunday and people are thinking about Christmas. Oh no Christmas, gota run. Posted by Picasa
The Fall beauty of Poison Ivy is best observed from afar. Posted by Picasa
There are Seismic Survey Flags on the North side of FM934 between FM3049 and County Road 1146. This is West of Blanton. Posted by Picasa
The Brazos just North of 174. Posted by Picasa
Today I went south on 174 over the Nolan River to the Brazos. Posted by Picasa
Kristi or anyone else with Chief, What will be the use of these coils of pipe? And the answer is from Kristi, "Your photo - It is just line pipe that is coiled. They are laying it down
to move fresh water around for the frac jobs and also a salt water
collection system to bring water back - rather than running trucks all over
the place." Thank you for the answer and Kristi, I'll see if I can find another turkey for the kids.
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Chief is still working on the compression station. Correction, Kristi said, "If this is the south Johnson station near the county line - it's up and running." I thank Kristi once again for her knowledge and insight. Posted by Picasa
Tune in for more as my Hill County Survey moves West. Posted by Picasa
I'm not trying to plug Fuzzy's building but he has several interesting visuals. It's worth a drive through downtown Itasca for a look see. Posted by Picasa
I got a charge out of this building in Itasca. Looks like the owner is plugged in. Posted by Picasa


Where in Texas is there a better looking courthouse? Posted by Picasa
Coming back from Waco this afternoon, the traffic on the interstate was awful. I took old 81 into Hillsboro, when I passed by the courthouse the light was so great I had to get out the camera. This picture is from the westside. The clock on the tower shows 4:20. It was a beautiful day. Posted by Picasa


There is another pad going in North of CR4105 . This view was taken from CR1413 looking south towards Covington. It is near the Ross Ranch. Posted by Picasa
Dozers working this morning on a pad just south of CR4105 and about a half mile east of SH171, North of Covington. Posted by Picasa
I found this little Hill County waterfall near the headwaters of Richland Creek. Posted by Picasa